Repulo's Tailors

 Винница,  •   

Repulo's Taliors -  a family business, was founded in 1995. Word spread quickly beyond their initial customer base of friends and locals, and Repulo's Tailors soon found itself an enthusiastic following around the country.

The Repulo's Tailors collection is built around the designers’ core belief that good design begins with the use of the best materials, and the best construction practices. Their love for clothing starts with an excitement for authentic, luxurious and unique raw materials, sourced from the very best mills around the world.

With each collection, the goal is to create pieces that are forward-thinking and modern, but also rooted in the traditions of classy womenswear. Repulo's Tailors garments are identifiable by sharp tailoring, a lean, flattering fit, and clean, unobtrusive detailing.